Aaron Fitzgerald: President and CEO of Airborne Images, inc


Aaron Fitzgerald is the President and CEO of Airborne Images, inc.. He has been flying since 1994. Based in Los Angeles, CA, most of his work is in the Southern California area, but he does travel quite a bit to work to cater to clients’ needs. Last year, for example, he spent many weeks in Roswell, NM with his team, working on the Red Bull Stratos project.

Airborne Images, inc. offers ‘Film and Television support’, as well as utility flying in the Power Line Construction field.


Here are some photos he shared with ROTORNATION:

Here is a shot from a job we did last week in Los Angeles. The helicopter is an AS350B2 owned and operated by Helistar. The Camera system is a Spacecam equipped that day with a Red Epic. The pilot is me, Aaron Fitzgerald and the photo was taken by Bogart Monroy.


 This one was taken over Hollywood, CA. The AS350 is from Blackstar helicopters in Pacoima, CA. The wing suit skydivers are the guys from The Red Bull Air Force and the pilot is me, Aaron Fitzgerald. The photo was taken by Carston Bell.



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