An App That Analyses Your Flight Data

CloudAhoy is a free app that analyses your flight data. It is a system for pilots’ flight debriefing. Next time you fly, use this app to automatically capture your flight information. After landing, debrief your flight. You can debrief your flights inside this app (iPad only), or anywhere on any Mac or Windows computer. Share selected flights with friends, family or with your CFI, even on Facebook.


● CloudAhoy auto-segments your flight maneuvers.
● View your flights in 2D or 3D.
● Overlay aviation charts, terrain maps, or satellite images.
● Cockpit view: relive your flight in 3D animation.
● Display the wind along your route. Check your wind corrections.
● IFR? Compare your instrument approaches vs. 3D published IAPs.
● Plot altitude, TAS and VS profiles of your approaches.
● Debrief alone, with another pilot, with a CFI.
● CFI mode for marking the flight in real-time.
● Logbook-like listing of any flight you have flown with CloudAhoy.
● Use the internal iPhone/iPad GPS, or an external GPS.

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