It’s a helicopter, it’s a truck, it’s the AT Black Knight Transformer


The AT Black Knight Transformer can fly and drive, combining the vertical takeoff and landing of a helicopter with the off-road driving capabilities of a truck. Not to mention, it is remote controlled!

Advanced Tactics plans that the trial runs for this transformer vehicle will start in 2014. The U.S Army is also helping with the development of this automated robot-driven machine, which could be very useful to evacuate people by air or land, and to go through contaminated or hazardous environments without engendering a pilot’s life. Once passengers are in the vehicle, they can take over the controls to drive or fly to their destination.

The vehicle is using 8 rotor blades to fly, and can go through the toughest terrain thanks to the four heavy-duty wheels underneath. The helicopter-style blades fold into the sides of the machine while it’s on the ground.

fig2Chief engineer Rustom Jehangirl also said that the AT Black Knight could be used for cargo delivery.

“The Black Knight Transformer is designed for autonomous casualty evacuation and manned or unmanned cargo resupply missions,” says the official Advanced Tactics press release. “Its unmanned capabilities keep pilots out of harm’s way, making it the safest casualty evacuation option. The interior volume is comparable to a Blackhawk helicopter, making it well-suited for cargo missions as well.”



Video: AT Black Knight Transformer first cargo truck helicopter VTOL vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

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