Daniel Backus: OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter Mechanic

Well first off, for operation security sake I will not be able to tell you where I work but I can tell you that I work on the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter as a mechanic.

I work on the avionics and armament subsystems. Their are 3 weapons systems used on the aircraft. A 7 shot 2.75in rocket launcher, .50 cal machine gun, and hellfire missiles. All three are advantageous in their own way, my favorite configuration would have to be the rocket and .50 cal.

The reason I chose to work on aircraft was to have a sense of pride serving my country. Secondly it’s a bada** job. When out in public and civilians see the aircraft and are like “wow”, it gives me a sense of pride knowing I’m one of the reasons that badboy is up there right now.







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