Erica Schatz : Commercial helicopter pilot in training

Erica Schatz lives and works in NYC and has been doing her flight training at Helicopter Flight Training, Inc. located at MacArthur Airport on Long Island. When Rotornation first contacted her, she was a few weeks away from her check ride.

Later on, she wrote us back to let us know that she had passed her check ride! Congrats!


Here is her story!

I have wanted to fly as long as I can remember, especially helicopters, and just decided a year ago that I just had to go for it! My only regret is I didn’t start taking lessons earlier in life!

The biggest challenge for me is to juggle a full time job with studying and making time each weekend to get out and fly (1+hours on the train each way to the airport).

The training is great though, I have had a few great instructors over the last year and flying over Long Island is really beautiful and with different types of airspace makes for a great place to learn.

So I am now going to go on with the commercial training so I officially am a commercial student!
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