Luxury Helicopter: Mercedes-Benz EC 145

The Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC 145 is considered a medium-sized aircraft. It is in the twin-engine category, and is intended for VIP and corporate purposes.

Mercedes-Benz designed the interior, which offers top-shelf materials, wood paneling and spacious multi-function boxes with various equipment options. It can seat from 4 to 8 passengers, depending on the configuration.

“Eurocopter, worldwide leader in aviation industry, and Mercedes-Benz, global leader in automotive, combine their know-how and power, merging a perfect engineering, from the Eurocopter technology, with an exclusive style, made by Mercedes-Benz. Creating a new helicopter, extremely elegant and versatile, with modular solutions to change quickly and easily the cabin and the storage compartment.” –


Price tag for this helicopter shows around $7 million.


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