Fear of Flying – How to overcome aerophobia


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What to do if you want to be a helicopter pilot but are afraid of flying?

Several people suffer from the fear of flying. Should that prevent them from flying a helicopter? No. Anyone can overcome aerophobia (fear of flying). For some people, the symptoms will be physiological and for others, psychological. In both cases, the quality of life can be dramatically reduced. As many as 25% of the population would suffer from the fear of flying, but only a small portion of those people would actually suffer from a real phobia.

Physiological symptoms include, but are not limited to trouble breathing, muscle tension, dizziness and heart palpitations. Psychological symptoms can consist of impaired memory, poor judgment, and people may also feel more irritable.

What are the causes?
Most people suffering from aerophobia have experienced a stressful flight or a plane crash. It could also be caused by the wide airline disasters coverage in the news. Most people are actually afraid of mechanical problems during the flight.

If your parents, other relatives, or even friends suffer from fear of flying, it seems like you could also be more likely to be afraid as well.

It could also develop after a trauma. For example, if a child has to fly frequently to see his parents after a divorce, he could develop a fear of flying as a way to cope with the divorce.

Other phobias can also cause the fear of flying, or make it worst, such as claustrophobia, or fear of germs, since you are forced to spend time in a confined space with lots of strangers.

Overcoming Fear of Flying
First, an appointment with a qualified mental health professional would be the best thing to do. The cause of the phobia could then be determined, which would help to treat your fear of flying. However, it seems that it could be treated even without knowing the exact cause. The first step would be to sign in for a fear of flying course, usually lasting two to three days, in which cognitive-behavioral therapy is used to treat people by replacing negative thoughts with more rational thoughts.

Hypnotherapy can also be an effective treatment for mild aerophobia.


Graphic: http://visual.ly/fear-flying-overcoming-limitations-











Don`t let your fear of flying get the best of you. You have to find the treatment that works for you, and you will be able deal with this common phobia.



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