GAMERS’ ZONE: Helicopter Wars

Helicopter Wars is described by its developer, Sea Venture, as “the ultimate helicopter simulation game.”

In this game, you will save the world by flying dozens of dangerous missions in Cuba, Sudan, Iran, and North Korea! Completing each mission unlocks the next mission, and each one contains new and fun objectives!

Different helicopters can be unlocked such as the SH-60 Seahawk, AH-1 Cobra, or the RAH-66 Comanche!

Some of your missions include:
– Hostage reconnaissance
– Blow up entire buildings full of hostile threats
– Shoot down enemy rotor wing aircraft
– Destroy armored vehicles
– Eradicate defensive bunkers and fortresses

Compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, including all retina displays.

To download it:


Helicopter Wars (5)


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