Gregory Taylor: Chopper Worx Pilot

Gregory Taylor is a helicopter pilot for the company Chopper Worx, located in South Africa.

He shared more information about his work with ROTORNATION.


Live line operations in Mozambique. Transmission line maintenance while the line is live.

 Chopper Worx is a helicopter air services company that specializes in aerial applications. With helicopter slinging operations as our core business, we are respected for our ability to exceed the expectations of customers.Operating throughout Africa, the Head Office can be found at our exclusive Riverbend Helibase, located 9km from Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Responding to a wide variety of customer needs which range from short-term flights to long-term contracts, Chopper Worx is known for providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

You can see more pictures sent by Gregory in our photos gallery!





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