Helicopter Maintenance

maintenance“he who inspecteth not his aircraft gives his angels cause to concern him”.

Helicopters accidents can be caused by a variety of factors including equipment failure, weather, and unfortunately, human errors while performing maintenance.

Helicopters definitely depend on maintenance and when it is not properly done, maintenance related accidents are more likely going to happen.

In 2005, in New Zealand, a Robinson R22 crashed in a paddock, killing its pilot and injuring the passenger. The investigation on the cause of the accident concluded that there was a problem with the tail rotor drive shaft due to a lack of supervision from the certifying licensed aircraft maintenance engineer while it was assembled. The engineer should have inspected the tail rotor drive shaft to make sure it was well assembled.

Of course, you all know how safety while flying is important, but an accident like that one could have been prevented. It is a reminder that what happens before the flight in the hangar is as important for the safety of all.

In addition to saving lives and preventing accidents, regular maintenance can also give peace of mind to the pilot and it can reduce repairs cost, as well as make the operation reliable. It is important to have confidence in your facility.

It is important to understand that when looking for a maintenance facility, it isn’t just about mechanical work. You also have to consider the parts availability (do they have a lot of spare parts in stock?), as well as if the facility offers a pick-up or a drop-off service if needed.

Do you have any tips or any tools to help with maintenance routine? Do you use a checklist?