Helicopter called in to dry the fields at the Redskins’ training facility




The city of Richmond called in a helicopter to dry the fields at the Redskins’ training facility Friday morning.

Early Friday morning, Redskins senior vice president of operations Lon Rosenberg inspected the fields at the facility and found extremely soggy surfaces. He placed a call to Richmond official Jane Ferrara for some help.

“He said the fields were drenched from all the rain yesterday, and they were looking for a way to get them dry very quickly,” said Ferrara, chief operating officer of economic and community development. “One of the tricks of the trade is to bring in a helicopter to come down on the 50-yard line and blow-dry the fields. I immediately got on the phone to call the people I know in the community. Everybody wants to help the Redskins, everybody wants the camp to be successful. So Whit [Baldwin], at HeloAir was ready to come in and help us at the turn of a dime.”

Fifteen minutes after getting the call, Baldwin, the president of HeloAir, had a chopper in the air. The company met the request for no charge.

The chopper hovered over the field for 34 minutes and then took off.

Original article: www.washingtonpost.com


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