Helicopters in movies

world-war-z-poster031Helicopters have become very common in the movie industry. Lately, several movies that came out in theaters are featuring helicopters, such as White House Down or World War Z.

Why ? Well probably because helicopters are always impressive to watch on the big screen, especially since most of them end up exploding!

Older movies are also using helicopters. Rambo III is a great example. In this movie, there are 4 helicopters exploding. They are an important part of the movie since they are used as part of the plot.


The moment where Rambo escapes the burning helicopter is pretty intense, but not as much as when he destroys another one with a bow and arrow.. but then again, it’s John Rambo!Rambo

There are also several helicopters in the Transformers movies. However, the exploding ones aren’t the most popular ones in the serie! Indeed, MH-53 Pavelow helicopters are actually used as Decepticons. (Blackout & Grindor)

Here is a video found on Youtube, regrouping several movie scenes, in which you can see lots of helicopters exploding, including scenes from Predator, Terminator, X-Men, Independence Day, Rambo III, Blue Thunder, etc.



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