2013-2017: Honeywell forecasts strong helicopter demand

According to Honeywell’s 15th Turbine-Powered Civilian Helicopter Purchase Outlook report, the global deliveries of new civilian-use helicopter will increase between 2013-2017 and could reach up to a total of 5,600, with delivery rates expected to reach 1,000 units per year.


This increase in deliveries is expected worldwide, even in North America where an improvement in buying plans is forecasted for the first time in five years. Several regions are also planning on replacing and/or expending their aircraft fleet, especially Latin America.


In comparison to last year’s survey, purchase plans for new helicopters are 35% higher. The light single-engined aircraft would dominate the demand, particularly the Eurocopter EC130/AS350 series, Bell 407 and Robinson R66 aircraft. According to Honeywell, this increase in demand would be caused by several factors such as aging aircraft fleets, contractual and operational requirements, expiring warranties, etc.

The light twin class also received 25%, with the EC135, Bell 429 and AW109 series helicopters leading.

“Supporting the growth numbers is the fact that helicopter usage for corporate, oil and gas, utility, and training missions is improving, which shows that helicopters are value-add aircraft in today’s business environment.” said Brian Sill, VP of Honeywell aftermarket helicopter sales.


A survey conveyed by Honeywell revealed that six types of aircraft would more likely be recommended by operators: (in alphabetical order) AW139, Bell 206 series, 407 and 412, EC130/AS350 and Sikorsky S-76.




Graphics courtesy of Honeywell



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