Russian Helicopters: Ka226T demonstration in mountains of Kazakhstan

Russian Helicopters Ka-226T Kazakhstan okRussian Helicopters launched earlier this week the first demonstration flights of the light multirole Ka-226T in Kazakhstan, aimed at potential Ka-226T customers in Kazakhstan, including the airborne divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Interior Ministry, Ministry of Health and other law enforcement and environmental authorities, as well as commercial helicopter operators.

Russian Helicopters reports that flights were conducted over flat and mountainous terrain around Öskemen (Ust-Kamenogorsk). The new Russian helicopter, with a maximum load capacity of 3,600 Kg, showcased the unique advantages of its coaxial rotors by demonstrating its external cargo mounting system and hoisting capability in flight. The Ka-226T also undertook a special flight at the request of the Aviation Division of East Kazakhstan Province, hovering and landing at an altitude of 2,500 metres above sea level in a practice evacuation. The helicopter’s coaxial rotors enabled it to take off with confidence and make precise landings in mountainous terrain on missions for government and commercial operators in Kazakhstan, who were all present to view the demonstration.

Russian Helicopters Director of Marketing Mikhail Dubrovin said: “We see significant potential in the Kazakh helicopter market and are fully able to meet demand. As we introduce new models to the global market, we begin by presenting them in CIS countries. Today we are pleased to demonstrate the Ka-226T on the ground and in flight to our Kazakh partners. We look forward to hearing their feedback and are prepared to consider localisation of production of certain Russian Helicopters models, including the new Ka-226T, in Kazakhstan.”

The Ka-226T is particularly at home in turbulent conditions and strong winds in steppe areas. The helicopter can operate in a variable climate with sharp changes of temperature, and also when there is a risk of icing. Another benefit of the new Ka-226T is that it does not require a hangar – the helicopter is built to operate throughout the year and for ground service anywhere in the world.


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Russian Helicopters plans to market the new Ka-226T actively on the domestic and international markets. The Ka-226T’s superb flight capabilities and versatility, combined with its environmental, fuel-economy and safety credentials, make it an attractive commercial proposition given growing demand for specialised medevac, search-and-rescue and specialised.

In spring 2013 a medevac version of the Ka-226T took part in tests as part of preparations for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Several scenarios involving medical evacuation were designed to assess the helicopter itself as well as possibilities for on-board use of modern medical equipment

The first serially produced Ka-226T built for the Russian Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) was demonstrated at the international HeliRussia 2013 exhibition, which took place in Moscow on 16-18 May 2013.

A video of the Ka-226T demonstration in Kazakhstan is available on Russian Helicopters’ YouTube channel:


Russian helicopters press release:


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