Korey Fequet – Young Helicopter Pilot Living the dream!

Korey (3)

Korey Fequet became a helicopter pilot after spending six months at Capitale Hélicoptère, a flight school in Quebec City, Canada. Like many other young pilots, his dream was obviously to work in the helicopter industry. His hard work during his training allowed him to get a job at the Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère, home of Capitale Hélicoptère, as a fuel man and VIP attendant. He also got some flying time, whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Last winter, British Columbia based company Last Frontier Heliskiing was looking for a fuel man. Something that Korey definitely wanted to do! “What’s better than a young pilot and fuel man who wants to learn? I did not hesitate to say yes,” recalls Korey.

After working as a VIP attendant in Quebec and getting familiar with everything related to helicopters, Korey was ready for this new adventure!

As a fuel man for Last Frontier Heliskiing, Korey was responsible for not only the fuel, but also maintenance of the facilities and helipad, and was also assisting the mechanics and engineer with inspections and maintenance.

Long days and short nights were awaiting him in British Columbia, but Korey would not change it for anything in the world, adding “It was the best experience of my life!” He also declared that “British Columbia is the most beautiful place I’ve visited, and with the helicopters there, it was a dream job!”

Since Korey got back from British Columbia, he is now living the dream as a helicopter pilot for a helicopter tour company also based at the Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère in Quebec City, called GoHelico.




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