Laser Strike Eyewear: Protection for pilots

logo-phillips-mainWe previously posted an article about how dangerous laser pointers can be when directly aimed at a helicopter. Not only can they cause distractions, but they could also injure the pilot and crew members on board. At the end of our article, we talked about safety glasses worn by some crews, preventing them from blindness. After receiving couple questions about those glasses, we decided to do some research, and we came across a company that makes laser protective eyewear for pilots.

Aware of the threat represented by laser pointers, Phillips Safety introduced the “Laser Strike Eyewear” products, which protection against laser pointers.

Their glasses block the laser beams, which enables the pilot to still see the control panels. They offer different products, effective against all types of laser, whether they are green, red or blue, so pilots can decide what kind of protection they want. Of course, for the best protection, glasses that protect against all three laser colors would be the most efficient.

Laser Strike Eyewear offers several frame styles, so pilot can chose what they like and feel comfortable wearing.

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