New coastguard helicopter in Dublin

The entire Irish Coast Guard fleet has been upgraded with the unveiling of a new search and rescue helicopter for the Dublin region.

In the last year, the Coastguard dealt with 2,627 incidents last year, which represents a 33% increase in 12 months. The Coast Guard dealt with a total of 2,627 missions involving fishing boats, leisure craft and mountaineers.

The new helicopter can also be used to transport patients for the HSE.



The crew of the new Coast Guard Sikorsky S92 helicopter for the East Coast region at the launch of the new helicopter at Weston Airport.The crew are from left, Winch Operator, Paul Ormsby, Capt. Ed Sullivan, Capt. Dara Fitzpatrick and Winchman Dermot Molloy. Photo: Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin.

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