Next-gen Defiant helicopter unveiled

Sikorsky, Boeing unveil next-gen Defiant helicopter at Army’s annual AUSA meeting

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Sikorsky and Boeing revealed the name of their new Joint Multi-Role (JMR) helicopter tech, “Defiant,” at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting & Exposition — one of the largest land warfare expositions in the world, held every October in Washington, D.C.

Within the next two decades, the JMR helicopter program will replace the popular current Apaches and Black Hawks helicopters.

On Oct. 2, the Army announced it plans to invest $217 million in the first phase of the Future Vertical Lift initiative that is developing the JMR. The Defiant team is in the running with three other teams including Bell Helicopter/Textron, AVX Aircraft Co. and Karem Aircraft, each of which received $6.5 million to begin initial work.

The Army will narrow down selection to two teams who will then build prototypes for flight tests next year.

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