Philippine National Police plans to purchase two attack helicopters

pnp-logoTwo attack helicopters are on the shopping list the Philippine National Police has submitted to President Benigno Aquino, as part of the PNP modernization program.

PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima said he had already relayed the request to the President, who mentioned it in his speech during the ceremonial distribution of Glock pistols at Camp Crame early this week.

“These [choppers] will be very important in our anti-insurgency and anti-terrorism missions,” said Purisima.

Atrocities by communist rebels in the past weeks highlighted the need for attack helicopters said, Purisma, citing a recent ambush on some 100 police on a special training in the Mt. Province, where one was killed.

Also he said the PNP is gearing up against insurgents as the military starts to focus on territorial defense.

Moreover, he said the choppers will also be used in disaster response and anti-criminality campaign in Metro Manila and other urban areas.

But Purisima admitted it may take time before they buy the choppers as these are expensive.

President Aquino approved the P9-billion modernization fund for this year, which will be used to buy patrol cars, assault rifles, communication equipment and hiring of more police personnel. The PNP has a P2-billion annual modernization fund.

Original article:  GMA News Online