Philippines: 2 firms want to join bidding for P3.4-B helicopter deal

gen1bTwo companies have so far expressed interest to join the bidding for the government’s purchase of eight Philippines Air Force attack helicopters worth P3.4 billion.

Defense department records show that as of Thursday, AugustaWestland and Eurocopter have bought the bidding documents for the project.

It remains uncertain though if the two firms would join the bidding slated on July 24. There were past instances when parties who purchased bid documents did not submit offers. Other companies could still buy bid documents ahead of the opening of bids.

The project would involve the purchase of eight helicopters with full night operation capability, complete weapons system and integrated logistics support package.

The helicopters should be capable of performing close air support during day and night and navigating safely in bad weather.

The helicopters should be delivered within 540 calendar days from the opening of the letter of credit, which serves as an assurance that the government would pay the winning bidder.

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