Quebec Jailbreak: The Robinson 44 is the versatile aircraft used to escape from Jail in Quebec


You might have heard that for the second time in just over a year, inmates used a helicopter to escape from jail in Quebec. The helicopter that was used is a Robinson 44. The Robinson 44, also known as R44, is a widely used helicopter within the industry for several reasons. First of all, it is an aircraft that is very versatile, powerful, with a great cruise speed, which is probably why it was chosen for such a stunt. This aircraft is also known for being remarkably reliable.

One of the other reasons why the R44 was probably used in this situation is the excellent visibility offered with the large windows. It is also pretty easy to fly this aircraft, due to its maneuverability, which is definitely an advantage when you need to land quickly in an area with limited space.

The cruising speed of the Robinson 44 is around 200km/h (105Kts), so you can travel pretty fast to your destination. It can carry up to 48 gallons of fuel and burns around 15 gallons per hour.

In the industry, the R44 is usually the helicopter chosen for city tours, animal tagging, aerial photography, aerial spraying, geophysics missions, etc.


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