SKYOPS offers next generation flight management system has launched SKYOPS, an online software solution enabling aviation operators to create flight briefings with real time meteorological data and aeronautical information services.

SKYOPS is capable of automatically creating a flight briefing, and continuously monitors and assesses the risk of the mission.

‘The continuous monitoring during the flight as well as the post-flight assessment is unique in the industry,’ said Ingmar van Leth, CEO and president of SKYOPS. ‘The system is further fully automated so paperwork would be no longer required,’ he added.

SKYOPS integrates with SMS, as a Mission Specific Risk Management Programme, and helps to establish a mission-specific SOP and Flight OPS Oversight Program.

The company is looking to market the software globally. ‘We focus on law enforcement, SAR, EMS and offshore helicopter operations,’ said Andre Grift, executive vice president business development of SKYOPS.

The Dutch National Policy already deploys SKYOPS to support their complete flight operations.

‘We use SKYOPS to monitor our flight operations, potential hazards, and the potential risks,’ said Wouter Kaihatu, chief inspector and responsible flight manager of the Dutch National Police.

‘By using the system, compliance is given to one of the required SMS objectives prescribed by European regulations,’ he added.


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