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Have you even wondered if there was a better way to store your helicopter than in a hangar, next to other aircrafts, with several people walk next to it every day? Or do you leave it outside? Is it protected against weather conditions? What if something would happen to your helicopter?

Those were the concerns Ben Hanafin had in mind when he decided to design the sHeli-Port. Helicopter pilot, Ben witnessed firsthand storage and ground handling incidents causing many damages to helicopters.

sHeli Port

Here are some examples of what he saw or what people shared with him:
• Helicopters expensively and dangerously damaged while in hangars (by other aircraft and even non-aviation items like boats and motorcycles)
• Total strangers standing on skids of a helicopter that wasn’t theirs while it was parked on an airport ramp, or even people sitting in a helicopter that wasn’t theirs
• Tow vehicle challenges: lawn tractors with dead batteries, golf cart issues, dolly issues, etc
• Hostile environmental conditions and no protection for the aircraft if it is parked outside

He took all these incidents and concerns into consideration when he designed the sHeli-Port with his team. That’s how the world’s first fully-contained, hydraulically-powered, portable helicopter storage solution was created.

According to Ben Hanafin, sHeli-Port is the perfect storage solution for a helicopter because it is safe, secure, and easy to use. Once the helicopter is in the case, people do not have to worry about hangar hazards, water damage, trespassing, or issues with tow vehicles.

It is a very convenient solution since it can be used virtually anywhere: in your backyard, at the airport, or even on a boat. Not to mention that it can be moved to another location.

How does it work?
Well two fiberglass shells enclose the entire helicopter. There is also a landing pad incorporated into the sHeli-Port’s design.

How much does it cost?
As you can guess, the product isn’t cheap. It sells for $30,000. However, the company made a cost analysis, which compares the cost of the sHeli-Port to the cost of hangar rental or construction.



Anyone uses a sHeli-Port? We would love to hear from you.





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