The Ultimate Sniper Challenge

1365518692Ever wanted to experience what it would be like to fire your weapon from a helicopter? Well this is exactly what Sniper Helicopter Adventures offers. As you fly through various obstacles in a helicopter, you get to test your shooting skills.

According to their website, the whole Ultimate Sniper Challenge experience lasts from 8:30 to 5:30pm, for a total of 9 hours, during which you will take part of at least two helicopter missions.

At what cost?
The Ultimate Sniper Challenge costs $795, which includes training, weapon (ammunition not included), and helicopter missions.

What can you expect as far as targets go? Well they will be diversified:  “Targets will fall away, rotate and even explode when hit – be prepared for any and everything! Your score will depend on your ability to adapt to air assault challenges.”

The top three scorers of the day will participate in one final shoot-out for the coveted “TOP HELICOPTER SNIPER” trophy.



What about safety?
Each participant receives in-depth safety training prior to flight in both helicopter and firearm safety. Also, all gunfire is strictly limited to designated target areas and is strictly controlled by the Certified Instructors on board. This is also FAA approved, and the instructors are NRA certified.

Neighbors are complaining about the noise and are concerned with the possible risks, but  Dan Classen of Helicopter Sniper Adventure want to reassure them:  “It’s not like we’re endangering anybody’s life with our flight patterns, with our techniques, everything is totally safe in that regard”.

Also, as mentioned above, this is FAA approved and it is legal by Denton County standards.

To get more information, visit their website:

Check out this video:

HELICOPTER SNIPER 2 from Dean Hlavinka on Vimeo.


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