The ZEROº Helicopter Concept

The ZEROº Helicopter Concept is a one-person flight system designed by Hector Del Amo. If this concept comes to life, it will enable its users to fly over traffic jams on board of a compact helicopter !


Hector Del Amo

Just like other helicopters, the ZEROº would be controlled by a joystick. However, since it is not intended for long distance, there would be no radars or compasses. In fact, you can see from the picture that there is no dashboard in this helicopter… it is replaced by a curved window allowing the pilot to have a great view of the surroundings.  

You can also notice that there are no doors on the side. Do you think that it would be a safety issue? Share your thoughts! 

Due to its size, the ZEROº Helicopter could be easily stored in a garage. Several people would probably like having their own helicopter to go to work! 





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