Turkish made helicopter on the way

[header 3]Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. has announced the release date of their brand new helicopter. [/header]

The Turkish Defense Industries Undersecretariat has said that it has met with Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. representatives for their First Program Meeting within the framework of their National helicopter Program.helicopter

The program, which is aimed to meet the Turkish Armed Forces’ need for training and lightweight general purpose helicopters, seeks to design, develop, test and manufacture helicopters using only national resources.

On 26 June 2013, the Defense Industries Undersecretariat signed a deal with Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. to develop the helicopters. The program officially got underway on 6 September 2013.

Completely relying on national resources, they plan to develop a lightweight helicopter able to carry three crew members and nine passengers. It will need to be approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency and qualified for usage by the army.

According to the schedule, it is hoped that the first test flight will take place in the 60th month, it will gain the EASA certificate in the 78th month, and will be qualified by the army in the 90th month.


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