Using a drone : the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft

phantom 2

Phantom 2 Vision+

Drones, also called RC (radio-controlled) multi-rotor,  are becoming very popular for personal use. They are used for multiple reasons, some owners of such drones use them for a recreational purposes, whereas others use them in conjunction with a business.

Popular drones used with a camera are usually sold from $800 to $2,000, but prices can easily go up to $15,000 for more sophisticated ones ! Small ones are also for sale around $40.

Since some people argue that using drones require FAA approval, and some others are confused whether or not they can use it for personal use without this approval, the FAA came out with a list of myths and facts about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft. Check it out !

They also have a FAQs section about unmanned aircraft (UAS).  


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