We tested Phillips Safety laser Strike glasses

Everyone should know by now that aiming laser at a helicopter is not only illegal, but also very dangerous for the pilot and the safety of all on board the aircraft. Despite all the information and warnings issued about this problem, we keep hearing about people getting arrested for aiming laser at helicopters.

A while ago, we wrote an article about Phillips Safety and their glasses made to protect pilots against laser pointers and to reduce theirs effect on their vision.


We contacted the company to see if we could test the laser Strike glasses, and Phillips Safety sent us two models. The LSS-PSPBGR-533-S, made to counter the effects of blue, green and red lasers, and the #LSS-PSPBG-116-BK, made for blue and green lasers.

We made some tests with those glasses with green and red lasers and we decided to share our feedback with you!

Laser Strike Blue/Green/Red Beam Reduction Glasses (#LSS-PSPBGR-533-S)

LSS-PSPBGR-533-S small

This model, with all-aluminum frame and green tinted lenses was created to protect against blue, green and red laser beam.

Results of our testing

When using the red laser, those glasses almost completely eliminated the beam, and the glare caused by the laser was decreased significantly. With the green laser, we could still see the beam, depending what object-surface the laser was pointed toward, but the vision was not directly affected by the beam since it was diminished by the glasses. Without the glasses, the green laser was causing blind spots since it was so bright, which was eliminated by the glasses.

When comparing the how clearly we could see our surroundings at night with and without the glasses, we found out that the environment did get darker with the glasses, but we could still clearly see around us.

Those glasses are very comfortable and they look great. The adjustable nose pads eliminate pressure points on the nose and create a non-slip fit, which is great.

General feedback
Considering how dangerous laser pointers can be, we would definitely recommend those glasses to any pilots flying at night. Keep them close to you in the cockpit, and if needed, they will definitely come in handy and could possibly help prevent accidents or hazardous situations.

To find these glasses on their website, click here

Laser Strike Blue/Green Beam Reduction Glasses (#LSS-PSPBG-116-BK)

LSS-PSPBG-116-BK smallThis model has a black metal frame, but also come in silver. The lenses are orange tinted, and they are made for blue and green lasers.

Results of our testing

Used with the green laser, these glasses worked great. Whereas the beam was very blinding without the glasses, it was completely gone once the glasses were worn. We could only see a green dot. Seeing with those glasses on is very easy as it do not compromise the vision at night.

Even tho this model was conceived to counter the effects of blue and green lasers, we still tested it with the red laser. However, as expected, they did not have any effect on our vision, and the red laser beam was still present and it was very hard to see what was around.

They are very comfortable and also very light-weighted. They also offer great visibility and they are made for medium and large face sizes.

General feedback
They work great with green laser, however, considering that they were made only for blue and green laser beams, we would recommend the model presented above since it also protects against red lasers.

To find these glasses on their website, click here.


About Laser Safety Glasses
Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles for use in Medical, Military, Research and Education, and Industrial laser applications. They manufacture and provide a complete line of laser protection for all Lasers giving high quality protection products for eyes and skin. Their laser safety glasses, goggles, and eyewear can protect the eyes from the hazardous reflected or scattered high-powered laser light (radiation): Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems.

For more information: http://www.phillips-safety.com/


*Our tests were performed without real danger and in a controlled environment. Please do not attempt this at home and do not aim lasers directly to your eyes!


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